Bridging Circuits, Systems, and Clusters: A Tech Journey

Hello! I’m jludwig. My intrigue for technology began with the simple wonders of the digital realm: the vast landscapes of video games and the instantaneous transmission of messages across the globe. All of this made possible through the beautiful simplicity of binary, where ones and zeros translate our complex world for computers.

Discovering the Digital World

My early schooling introduced me to the seminal paper “On Computable Numbers, with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem”. While its profound concepts were initially beyond my grasp, this exposure ignited a deeper curiosity about computing’s foundational principles. A school teacher, recognizing my budding interest, handed me an installation CD for Slackware. Like many tech enthusiasts, my journey began with a small hiccup – accidentally wiping the family computer. Rather than a setback, this became my launchpad.

A Playground of Possibilities

With the now-clean slate of the family computer, I ventured into the world of Slackware, successfully navigating its installation by age 12. This was more than just an OS installation; it was my initiation into the intricacies of computer systems. I explored various OS environments like BSD, OpenBeOS, and MS-DOS, delighting not just in their operation, but in grasping their underlying mechanisms.

My enthusiasm to explore led to an incident where I inadvertently disrupted a school Mac’s system, requiring the IT team’s intervention. This episode was a poignant lesson on the responsibilities accompanying knowledge. These moments, triumphs, and missteps alike, shaped my perspective on technology: errors are learning opportunities, and challenges are gateways to growth.

Professional Milestones

My professional endeavors began at Emotional Brain Training. Here, I embraced the dual role of a full-stack engineer and IT manager. Later, I transitioned to BioRAFT as a software engineer, undertaking the ambitious project of creating a Single Sign-On integration for millions of global scientists. Over eleven years, I’ve contributed to countless projects, tackled innumerable bugs, and deeply understood teamwork’s essence. Although my endeavors are now more measured, my thirst for discovery remains ever vibrant.

A Personal Technological Playground

Beyond my official role, I’ve carved out a personal digital domain, experimenting and learning. I’ve configured various Kubernetes clusters, each tailored for a distinct function:

  • External Cluster: A playground for internet-facing services, uncovering the vastness of the web.
  • Private Cluster: My home-centric hub, tailored to the needs of my household.
  • Semi-Private Clusters: A nexus for friends, family, community initiatives, and some businesses, showcasing technology’s versatility.

I also operate a “non-prod” cluster – my experimental sandbox. It encapsulates my tech philosophy: constant learning, trial and error, and celebrating the joy of rediscovery.

Sharing My World with the Community

Though I deeply respect the tenets of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), I’ve been reserved about publicizing my tech adventures. This platform heralds a shift. At, I aspire to:

  • Share insights, from essential backups to power redundancy subtleties.
  • Offer a window into my tech configurations and their diverse functionalities.
  • Present tutorials, reflections, and direct code.
  • Inspire tech aficionados to craft their setups, irrespective of scale or budget constraints.

Blending nostalgia for the web’s nascent phase with future-forward aspirations, this domain is my digital canvas. I invite you to navigate this voyage, traversing my tech universe, from circuits to clusters.

Ready? Grab your preferred drink, and let’s delve into the realm of